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How To Win Back The Love of Your Wife

How To Win Back The Love of Your WifeYour relationship has gone sour, plates have been thrown against each other, doors have been shut down and even both of you have been silent about the situation. What happened? Was it because you did not buy her that beautiful dress she ever wanted? Or was it because you forgot to greet and celebrate her birthday? Whatever the reason is, you can never guess what was the reason not unless you are going to talk about it. Now, you start thinkinghow to win back the love of your wife. You do love your wife very much and you don’t want to lose her as much as possible. She is the reason of your being, your soul mate and don’t want nobody else to spend your life but with her. 
You tried your best to tame her and that she will come back to her old self again, that is loving you the way she did before. But still, you cannot comprehend what to do on how to win back the love of your wife again. Do you want to know how? It is as simple as 1-2-3.
Bring back your old self again. For the past years or so, all the things that happened had eventually changed you and you are not the same person that she fell in love with back before. Try to reflect what had become of you and try to change yourself to the man that had your wife fell head over heels with. Do not do this instantly, but slowly. You don’t want her to be suspicious on what is going on with and that you have been your old self again.
Serenade her. Yes, try to serenade your wife with romantic dinner, bouquet of flowers and love letters. Be romantic and surprise her. Do something that will sweep off her feet again that you never ever did before.
Communicate and Compromise. Listen to her and don’t have side comments on everything she said. Just listen and don’t talk. Let her know that you are there to listen to everything she has to say about you and your relationship. Later on, you will discover the very reason. Then, start to compromise and do something about it. Have a solution that would benefit and be fair to both of you.
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Hope this helped and I’ll be rooting for you! :-D

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