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Having a Hard Time To Find Love? Are You Doing These 3 Things That Women Unknowingly Do And Sabotage All Their Chances At Finding Love

Do you find yourself always struggling to find that perfect guy? You think that there are no good guys left on the planet (which kind of upsets you). But what if I say that it is you, yourself who is ruining the chances of finding that perfect? What if I say that this is the most common thing that women do, and because of that, there are so many women who are single?

 This is why women have a hard time finding love

Sure, just like men, women too have a hard time finding love. But most of the time, the issue is with themselves. I don’t mean to hurt you, but after discussing the issues with over 300 women on Facebook, I realized that there are 3 universal things that they do to ruin those chances at finding love.
So assuming that you are a women (and if you are a man, then you too should read this and talk about it with the girl you like. Or just save it to Pocket and send them. Or maybe just text them the link to this article), here are the 3 things that you are unknowingly doing that sabotage all your chances at finding love:

Are You Doing These 3 Things That Women Unknowingly Do And Sabotage All Their Chances At Finding Love

1.     You try to make relationships work all alone

This is one of the most common and biggest thing. Most women think that it is only them who are making the most effort to make a relationship work, while their partner is just applying Plaster Of Paris on the holes that are just enough to make the relationship work. This thought leads you to thinking about the things that you are doing wrong. You then start thinking of ways through you which you can contribute more to the relationship in the hopes that your partner will come around and start loving you more. But the end of result of that thought, is love addiction, trapped self-esteem and a very high feeling of insecurity.
You should remember that a relationship requires TWO people to make it work. If one is not on the same page (both emotionally and physically), then there surely will be some kind of misunderstanding and disconnection, which may then lead to that bad breakup. You need to learn to be happy with yourself while at the same time finding out ways to make some pleasant memories along the way. If you don’t know how to remain happy with yourself, then you surely won’t know how to be happy in a relationship.

2.     Your Ex Suddenly Becomes The Most Perfect Person On Earth

Lets just face it. Soon after the breakup, we put those filters back on our eyes and view them as someone perfect. We start ignoring the issues that lead to the breakup, and more often, we start seeing ourselves as the reason why that breakup happened.
This can have a very decremental effect on your brain along with becoming an obstacle on your journey of finding love.
You start thinking that no other person can be as perfect as them. This even includes your future partners. You start comparing your previous relationship with the future ones. And the result? Well, instead of looking for the good things in a guy, you start looking for their flaws and then comparing them with your ex.
  • The First Love Dilemma: This is the worst thing in the world. Why? Because even established and almost near perfect relationships can be ruined by this First Love Dilemma that your ex might have left in you long ago. And if you are currently having this thing in your head, you definitely need to get it out immediately. This can literally sabotage all your future relationships and will leave you with nothing but pointless, unnecessary troubles, arguments and stress.

3.     You suddenly get outraged against all men

Not exactly like that but some breakups can generate some kind of animosity inside you against men. If you had a series of bad relationships, then you might start convincing yourself that all men are bad and they should only be dealt with a shoe. And if you have these things in mind, then you definitely won’t have to invest in your relationships (because you won’t get into one), develop any kind of trust, nor be intimate with anyone.
To some, that kind of lifestyle might seem pretty good, but trust me, its not. You need to engrave in your mind that all relationships in the world require two people. Sure if you love yourself the most, that is a great thing. But you also need someone else to love you, and someone whom you can love and share all of your life with. That last guy might be the worst person ever, but that does not mean that the last breakup was the end of your life.
You should remember about the contributions that you made. Even if that means that you ignored all the bad things of that guy, or stayed too long in that relationship. Those things still count as a contribution. If you think that you had 7 bad breakups in a row, then you’re wrong. You had a bad relationship 7 times. The biggest and the best thing you can do right now, is to get that thought out of your head and change the environment in which you live. Once the environment changes, your selection will change along with it.
Most women will give an excuse like “There’s nothing like true love. I just want to remain single” for being single. But what they really are saying is, “I’ve had too many bad relationships that have hurt me a lot, and I don’t want to get in another relationship to get hurt again”. You need to realize that not everyone is the same. Every relationship is different, and you should accept the fact. Sure, love is great, but that also means that you have to love and trust yourself first before someone else can do that.
Almost everyone in the world engages in a bad relationship at least once in their lifetime. But those who do not take the effort to forgive and accept what happened and move on to their journey of finding love, are the ones who always find themselves getting hurt on what happened back in time. So at the end of the day, it really depends where you want to live; whether you want to live in the past and regret what happened, or live in the present to make sure that your future is the best.
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