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How To Get Your Ex Back - 6 Things To Do

How To Get Your Ex Back - 6 Things To DoIt doesn’t matter if you get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back after a big breakup. That’s common. But what really does matter is how you tend to maintain the relationship so that it turns out to be the happiest relationship. You should be able to reach a point where you don’t have to maintain that relationship, it’s just perfect and your partner understands everything.But to reach that point, you have to work on it. Hi, my name is Brian and I’m here to help you get your ex back and make him or her love you more than before. Why? Because I know how it feels when someone walks away from you, whom you’ve loved more than yourself. I’m going to tell you exactly how I was able to get my ex wife back 13th times successfully and now she is not going anywhere because we don’t have to maintain our relationship. It’s just perfect.So here I have broken down everything into 6 things or you can say steps. But before I get into it, let me tell you why I’m helping you.Reason: I see everyone making the same mistakes over and over so much that they don’t even notice it. I know people are emotionally broken after a breakup and because of that they are confused and tend to make many mistakes. But something doesn’t really seem good and you’re doing it right now.So here I will pinpoint all the mistakes you’ve made and provide solutions to it so that you are successful in getting your ex back. The reason I’ve made these 6 steps is because it will give you a direction to follow. I know that you are confused and emotionally broken and don’t know what to do. But these 6 steps will show you the path to follow to get your ex back.

STEP 1: The Biggest Myth Which Is A Mistake

I call this a myth because everyone tells to follow these things, but in reality, all these are pure big mistakes that you are making. Some of the steps that I show you might seem like wrong and you will feel like not doing it, but I know it works because I’ve used it. And when you read this whole article, at the end you will get the complete sense of doing all of it. So let’s start with the biggest mistake which you should avoid immediately. 

Myth/Mistake #1: Apologizing and begging.

This was the very first tip that I got from my friends. But it was wrong, I literally begged her to get back into a relationship with me, but she just slammed the door on my face because it was just foolish. Remember one thing, no matter what the reason was for your breakup, it’s not going to change with your begging.
How To Get Your Ex Back - 6 Things To DoYou think that if you show your ex that your life is miserable without them, they will take you back? You’re wrong. You are just showing them how weak, miserable and insecure you are without them, which is a negative sign. Even if someone is able to get their ex back by begging them and apologizing them, I’m pretty sure they are not happy with it. Just think of it logically. Do you want your ex to get back with you just because of pity? If yes, don’t you think that you will not get the respect you expect?
So, even if you think that apologizing and begging will get your ex back, it won’t, they are just your instincts that are messing with you.

Myth/Mistake #2: Keep In Touch With Your Ex By Constantly Calling And Texting Them. 

How To Get Your Ex Back - 6 Things To DoOMG! People who say this should be prosecuted because they are just making the matter worse. Here’s a little message I received from my nephew's daughter after her boyfriend broke up with her. Hello Uncle Brian, I hope you are doing great and will be coming to meet us next week (as we planned). I just wanted some help from you regarding my relationship. My boyfriend broke up with me 5 days ago and one of my friends asked me to keep texting him and apologizing to him (even though it was his mistake). But the problem is, he doesn’t reply. I have to send him a couple 100 messages to get a single reply from him. Why is he doing this? What should I do? I think one of her friends was just experimenting with her relationship. But that’s not just her, it’s the story of about 90% people. People are just desperate to get their ex back immediately after the breakup (then what’s the point of breaking up?). If you are someone who is constantly texting or calling his ex, you are making a huge mistake and probably you are reducing your chances of getting your ex back. Stop doing this right now. Even if you think that constant texting and calling will keep you in contact with your ex so that they don’t forget you and engage in another relationship, you’re wrong. You’ve made such a big impact on your ex’s life that they will never forget you. Let’s assume that you were in a relationship with me (we are just assuming, I’m a happily married man and obviously I’m not gay). You are constantly texting and calling me because you want to talk about our relationship and sort everything out. You think that you are trying to solve the problems so that we can get back into the relationship, but what I’m thinking here is that you are too desperate to get me back. Your life is miserable about me and you are insecure without me. Just take a moment and think about the above scenario. 
Will I get back with you?
Never, because you are desperate, miserable and insecure. Who will want to get in a relationship with such a person?Then what should I do? How should I contact my ex? You should contact them in such a way that will attract them towards you. We’ll get to that in Step 5.

Myth/Mistake #3: Prove That Your Love Is True

You start thinking that if you prove them that your love for them is true and you can do anything for them will make your ex come back. You think that you just need to show your affection and make them believe that no one in the world can love them more than you and they should not reject you because you are their ultimate soul mate, right? The fact is, they already know that you love them truly. They already know that no one else will ever love them the way you do. But even after knowing all that, they decided to break up with you. So no matter how much you prove your love or how much you show your affection, it will just make them feel like they are in a cage. And it will make them want to get out of that cage as soon as possible. So stop showing your affection and stop proving your love because they already know everything that you are showing them.

Myth/Mistake #4: You Have To Do Something Because Your Ex Is Dating Someone Else.

Even a single thought of it makes us panic right? You think that it is a big negative sign that your ex has moved on because she has started dating someone else. But in reality, it is not as bad as our mind or our friends make it look like. This kind of relationship is called a rebound relationship in which your ex is just trying to fill the gaps that you’ve made in her life after the breakup. Let’s see this rebound relationship thing through you and your friend’s eyes: OMG ! Brian look, your ex is dating someone else. You gotta do something because she might fall in love with this new person and will forget about you. Show her that you truly love her and you will never let her date anyone else other than you. It doesn’t matter whether you beg, pity, or shower her with your affection. Stop thinking about all the mistakes and things and let’s get her back.You see, this kind of sight makes a perfect situation worse. When your ex is in a rebound relationship, it is a sign that they are having a hard time without you and they are probably trying to get over it by having someone new take your place. All you have to do is just keep calm and let the time to its thing. These kind of relationship’s doesn’t tend to last long because that new person cannot replace YOU.

STEP 2: You Need To Work On Yourself First

I know that you might be thinking that Brian has made things much more complicated. But it is not the case. Many people tend to start drinking and smoking after their breakup, which is not a good thing. This kind of situation is very tricky (I understand) but you should not hurt yourself by not staying healthy. You want to get your ex back, right? So you have to stay healthy and keep calm while you follow all these steps. You have to give your ex some time to think about the relationship and meanwhile you start eating healthy and start exercising. You should probably improve your personality. Everyone like’s a good personality and what will be a good thing to give your ex other than a better personality than before? Start spending more time with your friends. This will make you feel better. Remember, your friends are always there for you whenever you need them. So try to spend more time with your friends. This will help you stay calm and if they start talking about your ex, change the topic that’s it, they will understand why you did so.

STEP 3: Follow The No Contact Rule

This is a rule in which you do not contact your ex for a specific time period. Why do we do this? There are various reasons for it: To make yourself a better, happier and confident person.Your ex needs some time off the relationship.You need some time off the relationship. Let me elaborate this.Reason #1: To make yourself a better, happier and confident person.
You might notice that after your breakup, you have become kind of a sad, less confident person. In worst cases, many people suffer from brain complications during this time. So by following the No Contact Rule, you are making yourself feel like you can live without your ex and you are happy about it. You can be confident about yourself and get back to your normal lifestyle. This is important because this will surely change your personality a little bit, which is a good thing because as I said above. It gives your ex a reason to get back with you.Reason #2 & #3: You and your ex need some time off the relationship.
Your ex needs some time to remove all the misconceptions about you. Remember, you were constantly texting and calling them. You seemed desperate and needy. This takes some time to get off your ex’s mind. Also if you do not contact your ex, they will be thinking why you haven’t contacted them (which will immediately make them feel that you are not needy)? And this will make them miss you. You need some time off the relationship because you are a mess for yourself after the breakup. You need to calm yourself and think whether being with your ex for your whole life is your final decision. Remember YOLO (You One Live Once)? You have to start enjoying life without your ex because you have already enjoyed it with your ex. 

Should I text my ex and let him/her know that I’m doing a No Contact?

How To Get Your Ex Back - 6 Things To Do Absolutely not. You want your ex to get attracted to you right? So what will be the point in doing a No Contact by informing your ex that for so and so days you won’t be contacting them. Let them wonder why you suddenly stopped sending them messages and stopped calling them. Let them miss you.

How long should I do this? 

Until you feel like you are perfect and happy without your ex. I did this for 31 days, but it will vary according to you. As soon as you start feeling great about your life without your ex (but still deep inside you miss them and you need them) then you should break the No Contact and contact them in such a way that will attract them towards you. If you think that doing this will be rude, then you’re wrong. Wasn’t it rude when your ex broke up with you? You were just left in the middle of the road with no signs. Also, there is nothing rude about taking care of yourself. There will be a point when your ex will start calling you and texting you constantly, but you have to avoid that. You have to stay committed to your No Contact rule. And if you think that your ex will move on and forget about you, that’s not going to happen if you both were in some kind of a serious relationship .If you think that you can make this No Contact period shorter and get your ex back faster, then you are wrong. Ideally, everyone needs at least 30 days to get over their ex and start feeling great about their life. So you need to follow the No Contact rule for at least 30 days to have that feeling. Remember, it takes time for people to remove all the negative things after a breakup and start missing each other. Give yourself and your ex some time to have that mutual feeling which will eventually bring you both together.

What should I do during the No Contact period? 

That's a great question, but you asked at an inappropriate time. Below is the answer.

STEP 4: Things To Do During The No Contact Period

I remember when I used to just sit in front of my computer and keep playing Counter Strike during my No Contact period. I was such a mess.This is the point where you have to go out and change something in your life. It doesn’t matter what you change, you just want some change. But make sure it is a positive change.There are many things that you can do in this time period such as:Go to the hairstylist and see what the latest trend is. Get that hairstyle. Or you can buy new clothes, this will make you feel great from inside. Or you can go to the gym to gain some muscle, who doesn’t like them?I know this might not seem good to you, but in order to get some perspective, meeting new people is a must. I would recommend you to go out on a few dates before ending your No Contact period so that you can tweak your mentality a little bit. 
Analyze Your Relationship
How To Get Your Ex Back - 6 Things To DoWhy do you want to get your ex back? This is the most important question, but if you answered something like : I love him/her.I can’t live without him/her.I cannot imagine life without him/her. Then you are still in the post breakup dilemma. You have to give yourself some more time. And when you start feeling great, ask yourself the same question. But remember that this time you have to think with your mind instead of your heart.Your heart will always say that you want your ex back because you love him/her. 
Analyze your relationship, know what was wrong with it. Obviously there are fights, misunderstandings, problems and disagreements in a relationship, but you have to see what made you both come to a point where you broke up with each other.You have to remember that you don’t want your ex to be happy, it’s you who can make yourself happy.This is a huge decision to make because it will probably have lifelong effects. So make sure you make the right decision so that you won’t have any regrets in the future.

STEP 5: Contacting Your Ex In A Way That Will Attract Them (Re-Attraction)

Now that you have successfully followed the above steps, now is the most important one. Remember when you constantly used to send text messages and keep calling your ex? They felt like you are needy and a desperate person. But now since you haven’t contacted them for a month, all that negative, needy image of you has been vanished from your ex’s mind. Now the only thing they are thinking of is your positive things, why your ex used to like you and why did your ex get into a relationship with you.And that’s the perfect moment when you contact them, and your ex will be likeWhy the heck did I break up with you? You are so attractive, sexy, confident and happy. You look like a catch.But remember, for that thought to come to your ex’s mind, you have to make some positive changes in your life during your No Contact period. So make sure you have at least done something positive which reflects in your daily life, so that your ex could notice it.There are 2 ways to contact your ex in a way that will attract them towards you:   

 1.  Send Your Ex The Good Old Traditional Letter.

Yes, that’s right. Even in this digital age, traditional letters can make a huge impact. But make sure that the letter is hand written, no one like’s a letter which contains some printed text.

So what do I tell my ex in that letter?

Tell your ex that you accept the breakup and that it was for the good of both of you. This way, you are not being needy and you are just accepting the facts, which is good. Apologize for any inappropriate behavior after the breakup. If you ever did anything that was not good, you should apologize for it. Remember, you want all your negative actions and things to be forgiven and forgotten. Tell your ex that something exciting is happening in your life and you would like to talk about it. Don’t reveal too much about it because then you won’t be having anything to talk about. Just make her curious about what’s happening in your life and make sure you ask him/her out. They will probably text or call you back to ask what’s happening. (That’s why creating a positive change in your life is important.)       

2.  The Text Message

I would recommend sending a letter first and then a text message, but you know your ex much better than me. So if you feel like you should skip the letter writing part, you can but make sure you don’t call your ex.  
The key here is to never talk about your feelings. It will only waste all your efforts and again make you a needy person in your ex’s eyes. Let me show you some examples that you should never use in your text messages. Hey.Hey, how’re you? OR I love you.I miss you.I want you back in my life. Never say something negative in the text like 
We would be in a relationship if we had ignored that. If you had shown some courage during that time, we would still be in a relationship. Instead, you should send something that happened in your life and that reminded you of your ex. You should send something like I just watched Harry Potter and I’m glad you never told me what happens to the Dumbldore’s wand. Remind them of the good moments you had together. I was just going through my camera roll and saw the pics we clicked at CCD, it was an amazing bunk.Hey, remember we used to meet secretly on that little bridge? I just read in the newspaper that they are destroying it to build a metro line. BAD INFRASTRUCTURE. 
There are literally tons of things that you can send your ex through a text message, but all the rules remain the same. Be calm, be fun and don’t be needy or desperate. Go Visit Some Places With Your Ex. 
Never call it a date
Remember, you do not have to call it a date. If you do, you will surely get a big NO and your ex will put their shields up much faster than JARVIS. You want your ex to come with you as a friend and then you can re-build your attraction and take it to the next level. But for now, please don’t call it a date.The best way to ask them is to give them a call. You might have to push your ex a little bit like “Come on. It’s just a coffee. You will be able to concentrate better on your work then.” Or “It’ll be fun. Come one.”Just make sure you don’t go overboard and force them or push them harder like “Come on. It’s just a coffee, baby. Just once?” or “Do this one last favor for me. Please?”You have to be as calm and fun as possible. If your ex tries to postpone it, let them do.

STEP 6: The Elite Techniques Or The Superstar Techniques

I know this guide is quite long and it covers almost everything you need to get your ex back. But there are a lot of things that are not covered. While writing this long guide, I decided to divide the Step 6 in different email series and posts.
Make sure you bookmark this website and visit often and once I put up a form here through which you can receive the different Step 6 parts in your email. Remember, let the time do its thing.

What will you get in the Step 6?

One motivational, inspiring, supportive post or email every 3 days. Why is this important? Because it will provide you support during your No Contact period, which is the most crucial time. This is the reason why I will send or post motivational, inspiring and supportive articles.And when you bookmark my website, you will get a lot of secret tactics that I have not mentioned here, like
Understanding the reason why your ex broke up with you are what you should do about it. What you should do if your ex is dating someone else. How to write a hand written letter. So make sure you bookmark this website and leave a comment below about your situation. I will happily provide you some personal solution. Or if you are a shy person, you can contact me through the Contact Me page and I will surely send you some solutions along with some personalized tips.Share this if you care about your friends:

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