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How To Save The Marriage Alone : The Problem And Solution

Why Can’t He See There Are Probems with The Marriage?

Your husband is not at all concerned and you will have to save the marriage alone. Like others say, monogamous relationships can be monotonous. You can guess why your marriage has suddenly lost the fireworks but sometimes the reason is just beyond you. When it is your partner who first loses interest in the relationship, you may find yourself alone in the effort save your relationship. This is when the situation becomes twice as difficult when you are forced to try and save the marriage alone
How To Save The Marriage Alone

Although there is no certainty that an attempt to rescue a marriage would be successful, it is still worth giving a try. A lot of things that come with the marriage are valuable and you would go out of your way to recover it even if looks like a one-sided effort. Your partner might be uncooperative at first, trivializing the issue, evading your probing questions, but you can initiate this undertaking.
It may sound compulsive but being organized and methodical when you carry out your actions is effective and helpful. Write down what you perceive to be a problem. The action itself helps you define the problem and filters out excess factors. The picture becomes clearer in your head and this allows for a sensible decision and strategy.
Below are techniques on how to save the marriage alone and eventually make your spouse realize the value of your marriage before time runs out:

Recognize The Problematic Areas

Accomplishing this without help from your partner is an immensely taxing job. Because your spouse refuses to offer his thoughts about this, it will be difficult for you to know where to start. Yet, don’t let this discourage you. Despite being alone in this struggle, you will find indications that a few things are missing such as communication, lack of interest, taking your spouse for granted, and indifference. Evaluate how the two of you play your respective roles as a couple. In the process, you will be able to point out the fragile areas of the union.

Analyze, Plan and Act

When you have figured out which aspects of the relationship need to be strengthened, analyze and come up with a concrete plan to address the weakness. Unexpectedly, because you are taking the task all on your own, carrying out the thought-out plan will be a challenge. Mutual cooperation just might not be possible yet at this point since your spouse will be elusive and evasive but do not despair; things will eventually come to fruition.

Open Lines of Communication

Nothing beats an intelligent conversation with your partner. By “intelligent”, this means you have objectively determined where the problem lies and how to address it. Let your partner be aware of what you are doing so that there is no room for vagueness that you both might regret later on. This should send out the message that you want your spouse to take part in the effort. Hopefully, he will be inspired to take an active part in this, too, and learn to appreciate your effort. If this does not seem to change his stand in any manner, just continue suggesting that you would like to iron out the creases of the relationship and sense the reaction.


Even with the greatest effort to talk your spouse into reconciliation, your spouse might remain unresponsive and indifferent towards the event. If your persuasive skill does not seem to work this time, you might have to consider combing words with action. Walk you talk. If you promised your spouse that you would change your disposition, do it. Seek advice from professional marriage counselors if you have to. They boost your confidence and help you adopt a positive outlook in life. This is the stage when you have to respond to the weak points of the relationship.

Review the Circumstances

The first rescue attempt might have not worked but with enhancements and polish to your previous strategy, you might be able to convince your spouse to talk and cooperate the second time around. It may be that the spouse is not willing to share thoughts; there may be a mistake in the manner of persuading your spouse. Test other communication lines, vary your actions and measure the outcome.

Stay Optimistic

If you love your spouse are forced to go it alone to save the marriage it will be emotionally and physically exhausting but hard work has its rewards. Attract positive vibes by being optimistic. Results will not always be favorable but the whole experience that you endure will make you a better and tougher individual. Hopefully when all your efforts pay off you will be happy you endured.

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