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How To Marry The Rich : The Right Psychology

What would happen if we all told the truth for just one day? That’s right, 24 hours of speaking your mind when it’s not proper, telling people what you think when they might not want to hear it, and throwing social norms to the curb when they’re the one thing people  
cling to the tightest. Well, if we had to take a guess, we’d say that many CEO’s would find out their employees hate them and are just staying in their job until they land the job they actually want, women would learn the hard way not to ask if their jeans make them look fat, and men and women alike would learn that many people do, in fact, still marry for money.
The first two statements probably don’t surprise you. The third might not either, but for those of you thinking that the “MRS degree” is a thing of the past, think again. So let’s stop pretending and put it out there—women still marry for money. Maybe they don’t marry only for the money, but make no mistake about it, money is still a big factor in many marriage decisions. In fact, chances are that even you, yes you, the shining example of moral integrity, have made a relationship decision based on money. And you might not have even realized it until now. You know those thoughts you’ve had when considering a new relationship, or even when considering ending a relationship? That fleeting “well the money is/would be nice” thought? Yes, that’s the one—the one that tells you you’ve considered money in a dating decision. But that’s okay, that just means you’re human. So for those of us who admit to being human and caring about the money a partner will bring to a relationship, here’s a little guide on how to marry rich without pulling the Pretty Woman prostitute-who-steals-a-millionaire’s-heart-and-lives-happily-ever-after scenario.
First of all, if you want to marry rich, your best bet is to start by socializing rich. If you think about it, most relationships are formed through social circles, as it brings a level of pre-established trust to the relationship. You can socialize rich by joining business associations in your community and attending events, upping the amount of time you spend with your “well-off” friends and becoming more involved in their daily routines and events, or even through becoming a part of a local charity, as many wealthy people often serve on the boards of these charities.
Another option, if college is still in your future, is to go for the same tactic as those ever-popular MRS degree seekers. If you don’t know, an MRS degree is a term used to by those who only attend college to get married (hence the “Mrs.”) and be taken care of. While your ultimate goal may not be to meet someone and never make use of your real degree, there’s no question that certain schools (Ivy league, for example) attract a more wealthy student body, and attending these schools allows you to interact with these people every day and form real relationships which could lead to something more.

Marrying rich may have a stigma, but if you’re confident enough to own the fact that it’s a goal of yours, and you’re not trying to hurt anyone in the process, and have it all, there are plenty of fish in the sea. And hey, if these techniques don’t work, there’s always Millionaire Matchmaker.

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