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To Save A Marriage You Have To Address The Issues

If your relationship has become unstable and you are contemplating divorce there are things you can do to save a marriage. It happens to many couples at some point in their married life together.You and your partner will begin encounter problems. It is not always an easy road. There will be stumbling blocks but with unstoppable will and skill, you can get through it.
Problems can arise in marital relationship and in order to save a marriage you have to address the circumstances that lead to the relationship difficulties by digging into the cause of these bumps and trying together to find solutions. By doing so, you are not only providing temporary solutions but also preventing the same issues from happening again. 
To Save A Marriage You Have To Address The Issues

Act promptly on the situation if the marital crisis is caused by both you and your partner. Regardless of whether it stems from your action or sheer insensitivity, you and your spouse, together, should resolve the problem.
It may sound compulsive but being organized and methodical when you carry out your actions is effective and helpful. Write down what you perceive to be a problem. The action itself helps you define the problem and filters out excess factors. The picture becomes clearer in your head and this allows for a sensible decision and strategy.
One advantage of being organized as you carry out your plans is that you tend to study the circumstances objectively. This somehow deflects one’s tendency to become emotional and in effect avoid delaying resolution. With the plan of action all laid out before the two of you, you get to see the direction you are heading toward and are able to measure how well into the resolution you are progressing. Improvements should be noted daily as a tool of motivation.
Unfortunately, if your partner does not admit mistake and strongly believes it is your fault that the marriage is on the brink, look for other ways to persuade your spouse to give the relationship another chance. At this point you can cite to your partner the changes you can and are willing to make so that the marriage would work. Show your spouse that the crisis you are going through is an opportunity for you to build a stronger union. Because you want to achieve concrete results, write down the reasons why you ask for reconciliation. As meticulous as it sounds, you can identify the items to be either positive or negative, depending on their impact on the relationship. If your spouse is interested in spending time to go over the list, grab the chance to discuss it..
If, despite the effort coming from your end, your spouse still refuses to share thoughts on this, request a third party respectable, credible and fair enough to mediate between you and your partner. Offer to this person the list of perceived problems and actions you are willing to take. The intent here is to initiate a discussion involving you and your partner as main actors in this event.

Needless to say, it is convenient to keep things the way they are. People tend to resist change, afraid of the consequences and would rather stay in their comfort zone. If you demonstrate willingness to alter your routine of activities for the sake of saving your marriage, this might motivate your partner to do the same. Sometimes, someone just has to make the first move and then later on the other would just follow.

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