jeudi 20 août 2015

What Attracts Women : The Big 4 Secrets That Didn't Tell You

Some men find it easy to get a girlfriend. There are even others who have the guts to take lots of women to themselves—and it is really easy for them. Well, you might say that maybe these guys who can have women anytime are cool, handsome, cute, sexy, rich, and popular—that is why they do not have problems in attracting girls—and you do not have those traits so you are left loveless. 

One thing that you should know as a guy is that women are less visual than you are. If men are easily attracted to sexy and beautiful girls, the she-humans are more caught by the qualities of men and how they can make them head-over-heels.
Women easily fall for the soft, endearing words that guys whisper in their ears. They are more emotional and so, if you want to attract them, you need to target them in that area. Meaning, you do not only need to be handsome, neat, and covered with a branded scent, but you have to get their attention by going directly to their hearts.
Well, to give you an idea of how to get a girlfriend, here is a list of what attracts women and see if you can apply them to yourself.
  1. Gentleman- among all the masculine traits, this is probably the most in-demand attitude. Women love it when a guy treats them as if they were a princess. Actions like opening a door for her, assisting her way up through the staircase, taking her home in the middle of the night, and offering her your coat even when you yourself are chilling cold are just some of the examples of how you can show your being a gentleman.
  2. Athletic- well, this does not mean that you have to push yourself into baseball or football when you do not love running around the open field. Of course, not all guys are athletic and not all girls also make this trait as a qualification. This is just an ideal for them so it is a plus point if you are sporty. Why women love athletic guys? It is just that games are somewhat physical activities and women love to see how strong their men are.
  3. Funny- though some girls like guys more who are serious, most really get attracted to men who are hilarious. This is because funny men are light to be around and they are fun to be with. Girls easily fall or get attached to guys whom they are comfortable with.
  4. Well-groomed- this does not mean that you need to wear a coat and tie and be sure that your black shoes are shiny. You can wear whatever clothes you are comfortable with and you can keep your own sense of fashion. However, whatever your style is, be sure that you are neat to look at and your fingernails are not dirty. You can be rugged if you want to—actually lots of girls love this stye—but still, you need to smell and LOOK fragrant.

You do not need to force yourself to apply everything on. More than anything else, you need to be yourself and be confident of who you are. If you want a girl to like you, you need to like yourself first because you cannot make others like you if you yourself cannot do it.

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