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How to keep the long lasting relationship ? Secrets of Successful

The Burnt Toast Story

It was story of a man’s experience when he was still eight or nine. His mom placed a plate of jam and extremely burnt toast in front of his dad. A completely blackened toast, in fact.
He was waiting for someone to notice and say something about the burnt toast, but his dad just ate his toast, asked him if he did his homework and asked about how his day was. His mom even apologized to his dad for burning the toast, but his reply was, “Sweetie, I love burnt toast.”
That night, the boy went to tell his dad good night and he asked him if he really like his toast burned. He said, “…a burnt toast never hurts anyone, but you know what does? Harsh words.”

This famous story went around the internet with thousands and thousands of shares all over social media.
The words you choose can make a relationship better, but at times, it can push your partner away. The words you choose can have a much deeper impact than you think.

How to properly speak to your partner

1. The big picture

Do you completely listen to your partner's views before giving an opinion? Avoid contradicting them immediately. Instead, voice your negative opinions through calm questions so your partner can look at the big picture through your eyes. It'll also help boost relationship teamwork.

2. Compliment

Practice complimenting your partner often. Not just his or her physical traits, but their personality or anything else that you genuinely feel. They'd feel more comfortable and it'll boost their confidence as well. Constant criticism can make them feel underappreciated and they'd be afraid of being judged negatively by the partner who they think should be supporting them.

3. Respect

Respect him or her whenever you converse. Their opinions, views might not matter for you, but their feelings matter a lot in the relationship. This is especially true when others are around. Don’t cut him from the conversation when you think he doesn’t explain something well. Don't just criticize or mock her well-being when you think her views oppose yours.

Powerful words that makes or breaks a relationship

Words are truly powerful. They can be remembered for long and may affect a person’s mindset. It can make or break a relationship despite the fruitful years of foundation made.

I’M FINE Saying you’re okay when you don’t mean it saves you the argument. But it doesn’t save your relationship and quite often you get fed up in some time. Conflicts must be resolved at all times. Don’t let a day pass without talking to each other and finding a solution that suits both of your preference. Don’t let things slide if they really impact you.
SORRY It’s normal to make mistakes, but not if you repeat the same one over and over again. That will make your partner feel that you don't respect his or her feelings and that you don’t care if he or she gets hurt. The sincerest sorry can go a long way as long as you mean it.
I LOVE YOU These three words can mean a lot to your partner. It shows how much you value them and the feelings you have towards them as well. However, some tend to say it for the sake of saying it, which is not the best practice as the receiver is getting fake emotions.
OKAY means it’s fine, right? An affirmation. When your boyfriend asks if he can hit the club, and you say “okay.” Then technically, you should grasp the risk of him meeting new girls and potentially hooking up. With that, you practically gave him permission so you can’t just get mad when he comes back home at 4am. So don't say “okay” when you shouldn't be, expect them to understand you mean “it’s a dare” and expect them not to go.
THANK YOU Even out of relationships, being grateful for little things can make a person’s day. Practice thanking your partner for a ride to work, a dinner date, or even opening the door for you. This little gesture will make your partner appreciated and he or she will feel good in doing kind things to you as well.

40 Sweet and nice things to do in your relationship

Making your partner smile is a nice way to keep a healthy relationship. However, sending butterflies can be a tiring task if you want to do it more often. If you’re running out of ideas to make him or her happy, here’s a quick list that you can use.
- Write him notes on how much you love him and put these in the pocket of his pants as a surprise.

- Help and go with his mom to shop for the perfect birthday gift for him.
 -Send her a quick text in the middle of a work day to let her know you love her.
- Tell her she looks sexy.
- If you feel the chemistry, just kiss her.
- Meet him with a hug and kiss to let him know you’re glad he’s home.
- A foot massage is nice after a long day.
- Have dinner ready if he gets home late.
- Send her bouquets to the office for no reason.

- Make a scrapbook of your relationship.
- Tell her specifically why you love her and why you’re with her. She’d love to know that.
- Dress up in a stunning outfit once in a while during dates.
- Bring home a movie (and takeout) he likes for a cuddle night.
- Take her lingerie shopping.
- Make his favorite weekend breakfast… in bed!
- Get down on one knee and give her a Ring Pop. Propose that the two of you should see each other again.
- Pick up his favorite dessert on your way home for a late night treat.

- Write sweet memories (or things you love about him) to small pieces of paper and put it in an empty mason jar for keepsake on your next anniversary.
- Make custom certificates for your love. Such as ”For putting up with me over the years”, or “the world’s best husband”
- Let him have his night out.
- Blindfold her as if kidnapping her and drive her around the neighborhood till she’s thoroughly lost. Bring her to her favorite restaurant afterwards.
- Spread rose petals all over the bedroom.
- Write a song, a poem or a letter for her.

- Hug her tight for no reason.
- Brag her to your friends (and make sure she’s close by to hear).
- Give him the last piece of pizza or cake
- When her shoelace runs loose while you’re walking outside, tie it for her.
- Write a note by her purse on how beautiful she is.
- Challenge him on his new video game.
- Randomly thank her for something she did for you.
- Go out impromptu.
- Plan a road trip to a cool destination within a day’s drive.

- Serenade her especially if you aren't a good singer.
- Write your partner a love letter on a sheet of paper. Glue it to cardboard, cut it up into puzzle-shaped pieces then mail one puzzle piece to him each day.
- Help her complete her bucket list.
- Take stolen pictures of her at various moments.
- Text her with pick-up lines, even though they’re corny.
- Call him up and tell him how much you miss him.
- Video call him late night and take screenshots of both of you.

- Go to the grocery together to cook up a meal at home instead of going out.

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