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How to Pick up lines for girls

Surely you would want to have a good conversation with the woman you got infatuated with in the bar. Spend time with her and enjoy each other’s company. The only question is, how and what would be the most effective approach to get her interested? 

Imagine the scene you’ll be in when you get her attention. You will hear her laugh from the start of the conversation and enjoy the attention that you’re giving her. As you open your mouth, she patiently listens and responds to you. Will it not boost your confidence to the next level?

Pick up lines for girls on the move

There may be no problem when you walk towards her. The problem arises when you do not know where and how to start the conversation. Perhaps some of your pick up lines for girls will be effective. These will indeed catch her attention and are perfect for initiating a conversation.
  • You’re cute, what is your name?
  • I’ve think I’ve seen an angel, that’s why I came over…

What does pick up lines for girls do?

Women can evaluate you from the first interaction you have made since the start of the conversation. How you talk and present yourself tells much about what kind of guy you are.
Are you the type which goes for what he thinks or is it the other way around? When you initiate the first move, you only show her that you have an undeniable self-confidence. This is what women looks for aside from the mere physical appearance.
Interesting and uncommon opening remarks are indeed helpful. It will raise her curiosity and eventually will unravel interesting conversations. It will be a start of a more talk on hot topics and there, you get to know each other.
Some pick up lines for girls will help you establish the kind of relationship you like to have with her. Since girls prefer to hang out with the not-so-boring guys, she may think of you as an interesting and a fun person to be with.

How to effectively say the words?

You cannot just openly say the words. It has to be accompanied nonverbal words or gestures such as the following:

Eye contact

This eye to eye contact has to be maintained at all times. Why? This is because women enjoy the feeling of being stared and looked at with pleasant emotions. It’ll be like they are caught in a magic smell. Also through eye contact, she can discern if your approach is truly sincere or you’re just making fun of her or just playing around.

Let her hear you clearly

The music is loud at the bar. She will definitely not hear you and she will not receive your message either. There are a lot of things that could get her attention and it would be wise if you will just say the words at loud. Your loud voice will get attention.

In instances where the usual approach is made, it may not be quick and effective. If she does respond to you, probably it’s a lazy answer with no hint of interest. Better use effective pick up lines for girls to win their attention and make connections.

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