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How to get women : 7 powerful thing to know

What kind of women do you fantasize? Are they hot, sexy and smart? Having a clear picture in mind of the kind of women you want, one has really has to struggle to win her attention. The only big question is how to get women? 
Do you have you what it takes to make her get attracted to you?
Men have to undergo a series of practice and familiarity with useful and not so obvious tactics to make women fall for them.
If you are faced with the big question of “How to get women?”, your problem will not be solved by mere eye contact. You can fire it up with the following steps. Just be yourself and no pretensions.
  • Establishing a good impression
Women may take assessment on the way you handle yourself and the decision of “no” and “yes” may depend on the its result. They will take a quick scan on you which is more on how you present yourself through your get-up. When you dress, project or show her the best of you.
  • The first move on how to get women
Even when a woman is interested in you, she will not dare to initiate the first move. Maybe, she will just make an eye contact with you for a couple of times which signals you to approach her. Such gesture indicates that the woman is also infatuated with you, so make the move before the other guys catch her before you and don’t let shyness stands on your way. Approach her and start conversing with her.
  • Building curiosity
Showcase yourself. Show her what is there in you that is very much interesting. She will eventually raise her questions out of curiosity on you.
  • Definitely not an interview
Don’t be like the other guys throwing questions. The woman might get annoyed and leave you. It would be much better if you will just transform much of your questions into statements. Instead of asking her where she lives, it would be better if you will just tell her where you live. She may respond to it and give you a hint of her address. Doing such will not be a boring and tiring conversation. It will be interesting instead.
  • Make physical contact
To get her more interested in you, do some gestures. You may increase the duration and the intensity of your touch on her hands or shoulders. Do it slow until she get comfortable with it.
  • Be fun
Women prefer to go out with men who have positive and joyful attitudes. They also like to hang out and relax to enjoy life. Enjoy the interaction you have with the woman you fantasize like making jokes. Don’t be so serious or else, you will blew up the opportunity.
  • The inner game
Your looks will be good as nothing if you don’t have the right attitude, skills and understanding. Women tend to get attracted to the mentioned qualities and once you posess them, you are irrestible regardless of your physical looks.
Just bring on the confidence in you and do the right moves. More importantly, enjoy every moment you spend with them.

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