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How To Become Pick Up Artist Tips In 7 Steps

Many men were born with natural skills in interacting with women. They are comfortable making connections and women oftentimes fall into such courting tactics. In reality, there are also men who are having a hard time seducing or even just inviting women to hang out with them. As a guy, what do you do to overcome this? 

Even though you are not that skilled at attracting and seducing women, you can still learn some of the pick up artist tips. This will aid you in establishing relationships and go mingle with women. At the same time, you can enjoy their company whenever you hang out with them.
The following pick up artist tips will not take effect instantly. Of course, the best results will always take time and effort.

Be presentable

Many men are not that concerned with their physical appearance. How they appear to the public, they seem to care less. Women do perform a quick assessment on the people whom they met. You gave them a hint of who you are through your attire. Women don’t want to stick with men who haven’t passed their qualifications.
When you go out, make sure that you are properly groomed. You should cleanly shave that growing moustache, take a shower, and dress in a presentable and respective manner.

Confidence level, not too much

This is one of the important pick up artist tips— the confidence. Women tend to look at men who have confidence in their selves. They often do not pay attention to men who are insecure and handles themselves poorly. On the other hand, women can turn you down if you have too much self-esteem. They would think of you as a boastful person who cares more for yourself than them.

Be healthy

Health is our wealth. As the notion goes, it may serve as an asset for you. It is an additional point in attracting women. Eat nutritious foods and go to the gym and have that muscles of yours properly toned.

Be a good listener

One of the fundamentals of pick up artist tips is to be attentive. Women are fond of telling stories and events. They are often repeated in some instances. It pleases them when one pays attention to them and you respond coherently.
In this aspect, many men fail because they find it tiring to listen to the indefinite tell-tales. Women can tell if you are really listening if you responded right to her statements or questions.


Surely you do not want to be caught in a lie?! It would be better if you will respond to her honestly. If you want to play mysteriously, don’t use fabricated tales to get her curiosity and attention. When you get caught with your lies, it will definitely ruin your identity and how women look at you.

Don’t be self-centred

Refrain from showcasing too much about yourself. This will only give women an idea that you are self-centred and they dislike such attitude. When she asks about you, just respond appropriately— no excess and no deficit.

Do it together

When you have a conversation with a lady and you sense that you have in common, you may suggest to her that you do it together. For instance, if both of you are into badminton, play it together.

These pick up artist tips mentioned are indeed helpful to men who seem to be troubled in dealing with women. Just take note of them.

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