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How to attract girls : The Most 5 Tips To Remember

If you are reading this, chances are you are in love with a girl and you do not have the courage to take her out, or you are loveless and you want to find a girlfriend. Whatever your reason for landing here, you are here to know how to attract girls, right? 
What should you do then? Do you need to wear designer clothes? Must you show a brand new car or the latest gadgets? Or do you need to look like Brad Pitt or Robert Pattinson to get a girl’s attention?

Here are some cool stuffs that you need to learn about how to attract girls.

1. Be cool- wonder why girls are crazy with Justin Bieber? Well, it is not only his cuteness or his to-die-for voice but it is also how he carries himself. He exudes confidence when he performs and he knows his presence sweeps the girls down to their feet. What am I trying to say here? Easy, you need to walk down the road confidently and stop thinking you are a geek. If you believe that you are cool then you are. Remember, you are what you think you are.
2. Be a knight- girls love it when there is someone who is always there whenever she is a damsel in distress. Therefore, if you want a girl’s heart to go out to you, you should show your concern and care for her. Also, you need to be a gentleman, such as offering her a lift or giving her your jacket when you are in a cold night. Through these ways, you can make her feel special and protected.
3. Be interested in her- girls are more talkative and expressive about themselves than guys. What’s more, they love it when they see that someone is interested in her life. Therefore, if you are with a girl, especially if it is your special girl, be generous in listening to her stories and asking questions to show that you are really interested to learn more about her. This way, she will be overwhelmed with your presence and she is more likely to get interested in you too.
4. Be fun to be with- who would not love being with someone who is not boring to be around? How can you say that you are not bored with a person? It is when you are doing the things you like together. Therefore, instead of making her come with you to the museum, which is your favorite place, ask her first where she wants to go to. If she loves watching soccer then bring her to soccer games and be her best company ever. Surely, she would love being with you more often.
5. Be matured- well, no matter how much you want to look cool and fun, you need to show your mature side too. Women do not like to be with immature guys who would fight with them over shallow matters like why she talked to her ‘ex’. You need to show her that you are responsible, understanding, and open-minded.
You do not need to be too handsome or sexy to get a girl. All you need to do is show your positive qualities and be confident with yourself. If you would follow these advices, you are more likely to attract girls and even find the love of your life.

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