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Five Advice You Should Do’s And Don'ts In New Relationship

Description: New relationship advice is needed in order to maintain your relationship to be long lasting. You can bring more enjoyable moments and sharing hobby together.

Five Advice You Should Do’s And Don'ts In New Relationship

Starting a new relationship after ending a bad one is not as easy as it seems. People need to get new relationship advice in order to have a long-lasting relationship with their partner and maintain a healthy relationship. Trust issue is the most common problem in new couple because they still need time to get to know each other in deeper emotional level. When you think of it, you may still do not believe that you already have the love of your life. New relationship can be awkward during the first month, but you can bring more enjoyable moments and sharing hobby together or create beautiful memories for the two of you.
New relationship advice is also advantageous to keep your relationship exciting. When you already find your perfect partner, do not ruin your day by ruining the first impression. Present yourself in most admirable way to impress your partner but do not fake yourself. Stay true to yourself will also help you to see whether your partner can accept you for who you are or not. After few months, the stress to meet friends and family begins to creep in, and your girlfriend or boyfriend can bring up the issue of whether you are ‘siding’ to your lover or your friends. Take below advices to keep your relationship healthy.

New relationship advice: What to do and not to do

Don’t be too clingy and possessive

Yes, we understand that you want your lover to be there for you no matter what, but try not to be clingy. Being in a relationship does not mean that you own him/her. Give space to each other and let your lover do his/her usual activity and support him/her instead of whining about his/her absence when you do not really need him/her or for insignificant reason.
Being too much clingy can lead you to over possessiveness, and it is not a good sign in relationship. New relationship advice will tell you to get rid of your insecurity and unreasonable jealousy. Remember that even long-married couple cannot recklessly prevent their partner from meeting people, especially friends. Jealousy and insecurity at the beginning of relationship can bring to fast end.

Be a honest self

We know that honesty is basic fundamental rule in a relationship. Do not lie about your habit because your partner will find out sooner or later, and it can cause bigger problem in the future. Even white lie is prohibited in new relationship advice because the truth will always be better no matter what.

Accept Each Other

When you fall in love with someone new, you need to accept the whole ‘package’. Commit to yourself that you will accept his/her hobby and habits. Because you can change a person’s personality just like that, try to embrace the uniqueness and difference between the two of you. New relationship advice includes your ability to overcome the incompatibilities and try to accept the charm of your partner.

Do not Let Him/Her Down

When people say, ‘I only know him/her for two months’, it is not an excuse to put him/her down. Most people carelessly say whatever they want to say and become insensitive towards other’s feeling. Hold your tongue and try not to criticize your partner too fast. You need to get to know your partner well before judging them, and try to understand their reason to do certain things.
Saying, “That dress is inappropriate for you” or “your haircut is a mess” is not the way to make your partner happy. Maybe they just want to impress you or make you happy to be with them. Even though you dislike some of the habits, try to have conversation and say your thought in most appropriate way without hurting the feeling and not judging them immediately.

Take time to introduce to your family or friends

When you are about to introduce your girlfriend or boyfriend to family and friends, take a deep consideration before that. In new relationship advice, taking your partner to the family or friends may indicate serious movement, and your partner may think too much of that. When you are still in the beginning of the process, just enjoy the togetherness and get to know each other first before taking such serious step. It is actually ok to bring your bf/gf to your friends to build trust. This way, your partner will not suspicious when you spend your time with friends.
In the first phase of new relationship advice, you may need to also give surprise and gifts to your partner. However, do not be too lavish with gifts. Be considerate about your gift; try to find out what is really needed by your partner, instead of spending money on something insignificant.

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