dimanche 16 août 2015

Are You Looking for a Future Mate? 3 Tips to Follow

It has been said that the surest foundation for a healthy, loving, and lasting relationship is friendship. If you are a friend to your partner, and he or she is to you, then there is a greater chance that your relationship will work and last.

Is this applicable to those who are trying their hands on their nth relationship? The answer is a big and resounding yes! Whatever the reason for the last relationship, the most important is that there was a lesson learned and that there is determination to be better in the next relationships that will come in the future.

You Marry Your Best Friend

Finding a partner when one is older is a lot different that when a person was younger. Notice however, that I said different, not harder. This is very true: when a person is older, it can be expected that his or her preferences are different than that of a younger person. His experiences in his previous relationships will have a bearing on what he wants in a relationship and from the person he plans to share his life with in the future.

In finding a potential partner then, these are the most important things to consider.

Tip #1 Be Honest.
Both should be honest with each other in terms of expectations, wants, needs, and even limitations. It is better to enter into a relationship in a clean slate - hiding nothing.

Tip # 2 Consider Your Families.
For older, more mature people, getting into a relationship can sometimes be hard because of other parties involved. For example, there may be children from past marriages that may challenge the new relationship. Of course there are children who do not meddle with such relationships, but let’s face it; there are also children who do. This is especially true when financial matters are involved, such as properties etc.

Tip # 3 Check Both Your Personalities.
For some people, opposites attract, and they like it. For some people, they want someone who is “more alike” – they like the same kinds of food, the same movies, the same music, even the same sports. Be sure that you know what you want and you are willing to listen to the other person as well.

Are you an introvert or a shy person? What type of person do you like for a partner – someone like you or someone totally different from you? What if the person you like is an extrovert or an outgoing person? Would you be willing to listen to him or her talk for hours and hours? What if he or she is the introvert type and you are not; and he would rather just sit silent and read a book rather than talk? Will you be okay with that?

These are just some of the things you have to consider when finding a partner. And always remember that every relationship is unique, as unique as the individuals that are bonded in that relationship. To recognize and respect each person’s individuality is one key factor in the success of any relationship.

So at this point, I’d like to say to you, if you are looking for that special someone who will put a smile in your face and keep you smiling all day long …

Good Luck!

Vincent Arnault

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