dimanche 16 août 2015

3 Tips for a More Loving Relationship

All of us want our relationships to work, but the question to ask is this: are we willing to do everything for it to work?
Actually, this is where the problem normally starts. Most of us want our relationships to work, but we want it to work without much effort on our part.
Here’s a case in point, and let’s look at you. Yes, you! Have you listened to yourself lately? For example, what do you normally do when things don’t go the way you want it to? Do you take full responsibility for it?
The question is raised because under normal situations, and in most relationships, the tendency is to always blame your partner rather than yourself. We always say they don’t understand, or that they don’t see things as they are, or that they just don’t care enough. Ask yourself: when was the last time you took the blame and said it’s your fault?
Let’s ask ourselves, when was the last time we said we’re sorry instead of pointing our finger to the other person?
Here’s the point: for relationships to work, we need to work at it. And here’s the 3 best ways to go about:

Tip #1 Stop the Blame Game

Stop the blame game and look at the situation objectively. Seek to understand, and then do your best to communicate with each other. Look at the situation in the context of what you can do to better it. Simply put, begin with yourself. Look at the good; stop being critical; try humility and patience. Communicate lovingly. Remember the saying “a soft answer turneth away wrath”? It works.

Tip #2 Focus On The Positive

Catch your partner doing something good and right, and focus on that. This does not mean overlooking the mistakes; it simply means try to balance how you look at things. Nobody is perfect, even you. So give room for little mistakes, little errors. We are all a work-in-progress.

Tip #3 Express Love More Often

3 Tips for a More Loving Relationship
Love has always been likened to a plant. For it to grow, it needs constant nourishment. Plants need water and sunshine; people need to feel they are needed, wanted, and appreciated. Be generous with your expressions of genuine love and appreciation. Compliment each other sincerely. Find one good thing everyday and tell your partner about it. Some of you may say there’s really no need because they know already. Let me tell you, it matters. We all need to hear, even once in a while, that we are loved and appreciated because that’s how we grow as human beings. Knowing that we are needed and loved puts a glow into our cheeks. It makes waking up in the morning more meaningful!
Nourish your love for a more meaningful relationship. Let’s not forget that in the end, it’s our relationships that give us more lasting happiness.

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